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Who are we?​

Upcycled brings sustainability closer to you, making your company take an active step towards sustainability creating a pathway to conscious eco-friendly decisions, reducing your company’s costs & creating legitimacy through a world-class recognized certification in sustainability.

We provide a gate way to sustainability

with our services below 

Sustainable apparel

A sustainable alternative to apparel, the fabric is made out of recycled plastic bottles!


We build an end-to-end workshop program that tackles sustainability causes with an aim to engage, inspire and lead a group of aspiring individuals. 

We Provide

International Accreditation

The Upcycled certification is an expertly conducted auditing examination that can help in monitoring, controlling, and enhancing performance that has a positive influence on the environment, communities, consumers, suppliers, employees, and shareholders. To become Upcycled Certified, you must pass the evaluation with a minimum verified rating of 80%.

Meet The Team

Sara Albana

chief executive officer

Marketing associate consultant that worked with international brands such as Nestle, is a certified organizational psychology trainer, but overall she founded her company "Upcycled" a waste management engine that turns waste into everyday products contributing to a circular carbon economy and aims to provide accessibility to sustainability solutions in Bahrain. Creating a social impact has always been a passion of hers, especially using innovation to deliver it and solve actual problems.

Dniah Obayes

chief marketing officer

Being a marketing associate consultant, I bring a wealth of experience and skills to help companies achieve their marketing goals. I have a proven track record of developing and executing successful marketing strategies as well as managing cross-functional teams.

Heba Radhi

chief operation officer

A marketing associate consultant with a background in market research, digital marketing and branding. I am a generator and in the last 4 years, I have worked with big companies such as Unilever, TES MENA and Baby Essentials. I am currently using my creative and technical skills to work with Upcycled to spread the movement of sustainability in Bahrain.

Lets make the world sustainable conscious place

Contact us and let's work together to achieve sustainably